Germany bias hose clamp

Germany bias hose clamp

  The clamp conform to  DIN3017 standard. hose clamp is ideal choice in the installation enviroment of high machanical force. Asymmetrical hose clamp  provide hgih tightening force and high torque. clamp fastening force was released symmetrically to ensure the best leakproofness of connection.

Precision stamping forming protect the rubber hose surface from damage on connection position, and can be reused. 
The adjustment range is large and can be customized according to requirements.
Automobile industry, hardware, construction, water supply and drainage, fire protection and machinery manufacturing industries;
Used in transportation machinery manufacturing and other fields that have high requirements on machinery fastening.

Materials: W1、W2、W3、W4、W5
bandwidths: 7.5mm、9mm、12mm   


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